Redistricting Reform, Redux

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Help make state government more transparent and accountable, and stop the process that enables one political party to gerrymander districts in its favor.

The League of Women Voters again is trying to change Illinois' redistricting process. LWVIL is supporting the nonpartisan grassroots campaignYes! For Independent Maps to place the "Illinois Independent Redistricting Amendment" on the November 2014 ballot. Local leagues throughout the state are doing their part, and members of our chapter are gathering signatures on the petitions. Over 300,000 signatures are needed by May to place the Constitutional amendment on the ballot.

The 1970 Illinois Constitution's process of drawing state legislative districts has led to one political party having control of drawing all of Illinois's legislative districts, enabling that party to gerrymander districts in its favor, often enabling it to control these safe, incumbent-protected districts for 10 years. The Illinois Independent Redistricting Amendment would provide for a restructured, independent redistricting commission to draw the maps.

If you would like to sign a petition, please email or call Mary at 847-295-1494. And if you would like to join the effort, let us know.

The City of Lake Forest recently passed a resolution encouraging voters to become informed about the redistricting efforts of Yes! For Independent Maps. You can learn more at