Issues & Action: Local Program

League Program (sometimes referred to as "capital-P program") is not the same as "programs" in the sense of forums, panel discussions, and other events the League holds during the year. Program is the collection of public policy positions, studies, and action foci selected by members for the year.

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Our Local Program for 2020-2021


The following positions were previously arrived at through study and consensus and have been retained for 2020-2021.

Nominating Systems and Procedures  The League believes that nonpartisan nominating systems (caucuses) have been shown to be valid in the Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Area but they must not preclude having independent candidates.

Principles to which local government nominating systems (caucuses, parties, all candidates including independents) for elective offices are to be held accountable are these:

  • Openness is the most essential requisite for systems/candidates. It is the responsibility of the systems/candidates to build and sustain the trust required for positive public perception.
  • Ongoing communication between systems/candidates and the electorate is a necessary adjunct to openness of operation.
  • Selection of candidates should be based on qualifications for office.
  • It is the responsibility of systems/candidates to be aware of and adhere to all state, county, and local legal requirements.
  • All campaigns undertaken by systems/candidates are to be based on issues and qualifications, with campaign conduct based on civility and honesty.
  • The role of municipal governments is to provide information, without bias, on procedures and requirements for candidacy to elected office.

The role of the League is one of liaison in overseeing these principles, in communicating to the electorate information on sources to contact for candidacy, and in discussing potential improvements with systems/candidates. (2003)

Solid Waste  LWV-LF/LB supports federal and state policies to reduce the quantities of waste, to reclaim useful materials, and to safely restore the residue to the environment. The League encourages its municipalities to expand local programs, to combine efforts to solve waste problems regionally, and to report to residents on disposition of recycled items.

Comprehensive Plan  LWV-LF/LB supports effective comprehensive plans for Lake Bluff and Lake Forest that encompass potential and existing land use in incorporated and surrounding unincorporated areas, as well as capital improvements, including the infrastructure.

Conservation  LWV-LF/LB supports these measures to preserve the natural resources of Lake Forest and Lake Bluff Area: protection and preservation of the Lake Forest/Lake Bluff shoreline and bluff; preservation of ravines and other open areas; preservation, through restricted use, of the flood plain lands along the Skokie River; establishment of walkways and bicycle paths.


Action Foci


LWV-LF/LB supports LWVUS’s position on health care:

"Promote a health care system … that provides affordable access to a basic level of quality care for all U.S. residents, including behavioral health that is integrated with and achieves parity with the physical health care system."

LWV-LF/LB additionally supports LWVIL’s extensive position on mental health (“Where We Stand,” long version, page 90), which expands on LWVUS’s support for behavioral health.

Action may include advocating for measures to improve access to and utilization of health care in our local communities, as well as educating the public and local decision makers on the importance of providing affordable access to a basic level of quality care for all residents.


LWV-Lf/LB recognizes the ongoing work of many of our members in environmental advocacy and supports LWVUS’s and LWVIL’s Natural Resources positions.


Secondary Action Foci

All four of our local positions will be considered secondary action foci: Nominating Systems and Procedures; Solid Waste; Comprehensive Plan; and Conservation. We will be alert for opportunities to act on them or educate government officials and/or the public on them.