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Safeguarding Democracy: A Panel Discussion on Voting Rights, Money in Politics, and Redistricting Reform

Below are some of the organizations and other resources our panelists spoke about during our discussion. Don't forget, becoming a member of the League of Women Voters will help you stay informed about these and many other topics!


Change Illinois

Madeleine Doubek, Executive Director

Reform for Illinois

David Melton, attorney

Center for Illinois Politics

Susan Garrett, Chair

Chicago Board of Elections

Jim Allen, spokesperson

Adlai Stevenson Center on Democracy

Nancy Stevenson, President

Fair Maps Amendment

Learn more about the Fair Maps Amendment

Take action: connect with your state legislators

Ballot Access for All Act

SB2083 / HB3114

The Act would:

  • Create a pilot program to allow candidate petition signatures to be collected electronically
  • Require people running for public office to provide a telephone number and email address on their statements of candidacy
  • Improve ballot access for candidates by lowering the number of signatures required to run for any countywide office in Cook County and any citywide office in Chicago and bring uniformity to the signature numbers required.

Learn more about the Ballot Access for All Act

How to file a witness slip

Witness slips may be filed prior to a committee hearing on a bill. To be notified when a bill you are interested in is up for a hearing, sign up for emails from an organization or legislator advocating for the bill.

  1. Advocacy groups will usually send out a direct link to file a witness slip. If not, go to the General Assembly's website ( In the sidebar on the left side of the page, search for the bill number. On the bill status page, click on "Witness Slips" near the top.
  2. Complete the fields as shown below. Be sure to select "Proponent" or "Opponent," as appropriate.
  3. Click Create(Slip), then complete the CAPTCHA that will be presented (to confirm that you're a real person). That's it!

Sample witness slip