About Us

Who are we, and what do we do? Our members are Republicans, Democrats, and independents. They are elected officials, homemakers, business people, teachers, students, professionals, parents, and grandparents. Some of them are leaders who have helped make our communities what they are today. Some of them are tomorrow's leaders. Above all, they are interesting people who enjoy being involved.

Through this site, you can learn about local issues and activities LWV-LFLB is working on. We hope you'll choose to get involved too!


The League of Women Voters was organized in 1920, the year women's suffrage was incorporated into the Constitution. It grew out of the National American Woman Suffrage Association. As its first task, the League worked to inform the 29 million recently enfranchised women about their new voting rights and responsibilities.

The LWV-LFLB was created by the 1989 merger of the League of Women Voters of Lake Forest (founded in 1925) and the League of Women Voters of Lake Bluff (founded in 1930).

Mission and Purposes

The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation of citizens in government and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

Our purposes are to:

  1. To increase citizen participation in the election process.
  2. To enhance citizen participation in federal, state, county, and local government decisions.
  3. To establish positions on public policy through member participation and agreement.
  4. To take concerted actions that secure public policies consistent with League positions.


The League of Women Voters believes in representative government and in the individual liberties established in the Constitution of the United States.

The LWV believes that democratic government depends on the informed and active participation of its citizens and requires that governmental bodies protect the citizen's right to know by giving adequate notice of proposed actions, holding open meetings, and making public records accessible.

The LWV believes that every citizen should be protected in the right to vote; that every person should have access to free public education that provides equal opportunity for all; and that no person or group should suffer legal, economic, or administrative discrimination.

The LWV believes that efficient and economical government requires competent personnel, the clear assignment of responsibility, adequate financing, and coordination among the different agencies and levels of government.

The LWV believes that responsible government should be responsive to the will of the people; that government should maintain an equitable and flexible system of taxation, promote the conservation and development of natural resources in the public interest, share in the solution of economic and social problems that affect the general welfare, promote a sound economy, and adopt domestic policies that facilitate the solution of international problems.

The LWV believes that cooperation with other nations is essential in the search for solutions to world problems, and that development of international organization and international law is imperative in the promotion of world peace.

Nonpartisan Policy

The League of Women Voters of the Lake Forest/Lake Bluff area is a nonpartisan organization. While it may take action on governmental policies and measures in the public interest, it does not support or oppose any political party or any candidate. The full text of the nonpartisan policy is available here.

Diversity Policy

The League of Women Voters of the Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Area, in both its values and its practices, affirms its belief in and commitment to diversity and pluralism. The LWV recognizes that diverse perspectives are necessary for responsible and effective decision making in democratic organizations.  The LWV affirms its commitment to:

  • removing barriers to participation in any League activity on the basis of age, race, color, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion or national origin;
  • actively seeking to be inclusive.


The League of Women Voters of the Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Area takes action on governmental policies and measures in the public interest and in conformity with the principles of the League of Women Voters of the United States. Action, which is always preceded by a thorough study, includes providing information, building public opinion, and supporting or opposing legislation.


"Consensus" is the term used by the League to indicate membership understanding and agreement on an issue. It is a continuous process beginning with:

  • membership selection of the program
  • determination of scope of the study
  • gathering facts
  • studying and analyzing all points of view
  • discussion by the membership

Consensus is determined by the League Board after evaluating the resulting membership opinions, the quality of the research and discussion, and the number of members who attended.

A League "position" is the consensus appropriately worded by the League Board.

"Concurrence" is the act of agreeing with, or concurring with, an existing position. Concurrence can take place in many ways. Groups of League members or League boards can concur with:

  • recommendations of a resource committee or group
  • statements formulated by League boards
  • positions reached by another League or Leagues